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Enhanced Child Care Referrals - A free service that saves businesses money!

As an employer, one of your greatest challenges is to see your business benefit from the best your employees have to offer. Research shows that business leaders who invest in child care see increased recruitment and productivity; lowered turnover and absenteeism; and a positive impact on their public image. Workers with more supportive workplaces and reasonable job demands experience less negative spillover from home, less job burnout, less stress, and more effective coping, which in turn promotes better performance on the job (Families and Work Institute).

In difficult times, more and more employers are developing programs and policies to reduce the stresses of balancing work and family commitments. This effort is not simply an extra benefit to offer only when times are good - it makes good business sense.


Many employers are realizing that providing child care benefits to their employees:

  • Lowers absenteeism
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves morale 
  • Enhances corporate image

Child Care Services can assist employers by providing:

  • Customized child care resource and referral services
  • On-Site Presentations to educate parents on selecting high quality child care
  • Copies of our Parent Guide To Finding High Quality Child Care and much more!