Camp HOPE America - Siskiyou County, California

A project of CASA of Siskiyou County

Camp Dates: June 9-14 and July 21-26 2019

Camp HOPE is not just a camp, it's a life-changing adventure that brings encouragement, love, and positivity to the lives of kids who need it the most.


It is estimated that between 2 and 10 million children in the U.S. witness domestic violence each year.  Meta-analytic studies consistently find that children exposed to domestic violence are at a higher risk for emotional, social, and behavioral difficulties both in the short- and long-term.  Moreover, children exposed to domestic violence experience additional stresses associated with the trauma of repeated separations, child custody battles, and isolation from extended family supports.  Children exposed to domestic violence are also at a significantly higher risk for future abuse and neglect.

While the research on exposure to domestic violence continues to emerge, existing evidence suggests these children are at risk for increased anxiety and depression, social isolation, increased physical and psychological aggression, and a propensity to perpetuate the cycle of domestic violence.  The higher the exposure to childhood trauma, the higher the rates of illness, disease, and criminality in adults.  Given the prevalence of children exposed to domestic violence in the U.S. and the negative consequences on their future, an effective systems-level intervention is needed to provide children the opportunity to develop positive coping mechanisms that will allow them to thrive in difficult environments.  One such intervention with the potential for systems-level influence is Camp HOPE America.


In the summer of 2017, CASA of Siskiyou County sent 8 trauma-exposed children to a week of camp at Kidder Creek in Etna. While there, they rode horses, challenged themselves on a high ropes course, rafted down the Klamath River and, most importantly, had the chance to just be kids. This year we're fundraising to send 24 kids to camp at no cost to their families.

Camp HOPE needs YOUR support in order to restore hope and enrich the lives of children who have been witnesses to and victims of domestic violence. Every dollar helps. Please consider donating today.

Adventure for all ages!

Located in far northern California just south of the Oregon border, Kidder Creek is nestled at the base of the breathtaking Marble Mountains. This remote setting includes almost 600 acres of mountain forests, horse pastures, bubbling creeks and a popular recreation pond. Whitewater rafting on the Klamath, rock climbing beautiful panoramic cliffs, high country trail rides, and refreshing waterfalls are all short trips from home base.


Two hours north of Redding, CA and an hour south of Ashland, OR off I-5 in a heavenly place called the Scott Valley. To reach Kidder Creek, follow I-5 to Yreka and take exit 773 to Hwy 3/Fort Jones. On Hwy 3 head southwest 15 miles to Fort Jones. 6 miles past Fort Jones, turn right on South Kidder Creek Road. Go 2.7 miles to the camp entrance.